Tingle Date: new, improved, and ready for you!

Tingle Date: new, improved, and ready for you!

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Hello, Tingle Date users! You’ve probably already been prompted to update your Tingle app, but if you’re curious why, here you go! Here are quick links to the new iOS version, and the Android version!

We’ve added gender preference selection to the iOS and Android apps, which you can access in the “settings” tab. There you can select if you’re looking for men, women, or both!

We’ve also enhanced the Radar notifications settings, letting you choose just what you want to be notified about, increasing your control and adding to the chances you’ll serendipitously (with a little help from us 😉 ) meet some great new singles.

Some glitches and bugs have also been ironed out, but we’re always looking for ways to improve your experiences so if you see anything missing or that you’d like fixed further, please contact us. Get the new iOS version or Android version now!

Happy swiping!  IMG_6365Gender preference selection