Online Dating Misses The Mark

We already know that online dating can be impersonal, inefficient and sometimes humiliating. New independent research from Northwest University confirms that while being able to know who is single helps, the shallow profile view and the vague algorithms of online dating … Read More

Anti-Valentine Guide From Tingle

We know Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark event, and that many companies out there from florists to restaurants are trying to get in on the economic boost of the occasion. We know that you’ve lost faith in many calendar ‘days’ once they have been commercialized, capitalized and canonized. So we’re here to take an Anti-Valentine’s approach to Valentine’s Day. … Read More

Guest Post From A Regular Everyday Single Guy

‘The Life and Times of A Single Social Butterfly’ is the first guest post by ‘Regular Everyday Single Guy’, a single guy who is sharing his thoughts on being a man, living in a city and being single. … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Dating

  1) Your phone should not be a honing device   The benefits of using your smartphone are plentiful, but it should be used to give you access to proximity services, without homing in on you and putting you in … Read More