IMG_6365Tingle Date’s newest version now includes enhanced features for Radar! Now you can choose just how you use Radar within the Settings tab, including:

– find Match on my Radar (you get a notification when a match is nearby!)

Notifications selections – choose if you’d like to be notified if you have:

– a new Radar match

– new mutual match

– new messages

Here’s a handy screenshot – let us know what you think!

  • Team Tingle

Gender preference selection is accessed in the “settings” section of the app.

  • Click on “Looking for” – options for Male, Female and Both Male and Female will appear, tap the gender preference you’re looking for.
  • Tingle Date will then showcase those singles that fit your browsing preferences and interests.

Happy browsing!

Gender preference selection

Radar is a location-based, serendipity discovery feature. Meaning, as you go about your day, Tingle scours any users nearby who based on your interests, might be users you’d like to meet. Getting a Radar notification is our little nudge to encourage you to see who is nearby, send them a message and see if it’s a great match!

When the Radar match setting is on you will be notified when potentials matches are nearby. You can decide if you want notifications about new Radar matches. We encourage you to keep those notifications turned on, otherwise you might miss out on some great people.

Radar settings

We require users to post at least one profile image where their faces are clearly recognizable. If your profile pictures:

  • only show your body
  • don’t show your face
  • are not images of you (ex. celebrities, animals, scenery, drawings) –

We will remove them from your profile. Do us all a favour and show off that beautiful face! You can have additional images of scenery, animals, etc., but we need at least one picture that clearly shows your face. For tips on making your profile pop, check out this helpful blog post.

Under the SETTINGS menu, there’s a function with an ON/OFF toggle called “CALLING”.

This enables or disables calling. if you disable this function under SETTINGS, you will not receive incoming call notifications from other Tingle users, and you won’t be able to talk to them using your voice box.

When users sign up for Tingle, we automatically send a confirmation email. For some users, this ends up in their junk folder, so they don’t see it. Please add Tingle Date to your address book so you do not miss any informational emails!

Tingle uses your Facebook account to make it easier to login and to populate your profile with photos, the things you like, your bio, your first name, etc.  Here is a detailed list, subject to revision:

  • likes
  • email address
  • first name
  • facebook id
  • biography (about me)
  • birthdate
  • photo album

 ** Note:  We don’t post anything to your Facebook activity stream when you join Tingle.

Tingle stores your most recent location (as reported by your mobile device) and uses it to try and find people in your area to match you with.  

We call this feature “Radar”, and it passively operates on our servers, hoping to find pairs of people who match each other and are nearby.  This is pretty cool, and doesn’t require us to share specifically where any of our users are with other users in order to match them based on location.  

We’re particularly careful not to allow people to be able to specifically know where another user is without their permission.

We also don’t store your location history beyond your last reported location.  Tingle doesn’t have any way to use this information, so we don’t need it, and if we did store this information that could be considered a breach of your privacy.  Or certainly creepy.

Unfortunately, no.  

We use Facebook to verify users’ identity and for other good reasons.  You’ll need to join Facebook and be prepared to connect it to Tingle in order to try Tingle.

We use Facebook to verify the age, gender, and identity of our users, and to make it easy for them to upload photos already stored on Facebook to their Tingle Profile.

We want to keep Tingle users on their best behaviour — after all, your Mom uses Facebook, and we wouldn’t want you adding photos to Tingle that you wouldn’t want your Mom to see.  Facebook is now used by more than a fifth of the people on Planet Earth (and some elsewhere), so odds are pretty good that you are already a Facebook user.

Seriously, though, here are two key reasons why we elected to use Facebook to authenticate users:

  1. To significantly reduce the number of fraudulent (‘fake’) profiles, and
  2. To use these networks as a conduit for profile photos, so as to limit the quantity of offensive / lewd photos in profiles

Both were a problem with previous versions of Tingle, requiring excessive resources to combat.  

Looking for a list of Facebook attributes that Tingle takes advantage of?  Look no further!

** Note:  We don’t post anything to your Facebook activity stream when you join Tingle.