We’ve made a whole heap of changes to Tingle, modernizing and radically rebuilding both the service network and the mobile apps that (we hope) you use every day.  As part of this, we’re going to ask you to — just this once — re-create your profile.  

We have made this pretty easy by pulling things like your age, photos (which you select) and other info about the things you like from Facebook.  

So: from the Tingle Login Screen, select the “Log in with facebook” button and we’ll walk you through the rest of setting up your profile.

If you already have a profile with Tingle that uses the same email address as your Facebook account, then we’ll automatically delete your old Tingle profile so you don’t appear in our user directory twice.

As an original Tingle user, you’ll also be bonused with some credits that allow you to call other users for free! 

We want to thank you for coming back and checking us out, after all!  

PS – Want to know why we’re using Facebook to login?  We thought you’d ask, here.

Simple!  When you launch Tingle, you’re dropped into our matching tool — where you can easily browse profiles of other Tingle users and mark the profiles you like and the ones you’re not interested in.

If you like someone, press the “Thumbs Up” button or Swipe UP.  If you’re not interested, press “Thumbs Down” or Swipe DOWN.  

Our matching engine is constantly patrolling for mutual matches among our userbase.. so when it finds two people who like each other it lets you know and connects you to each other in the InBox.

From there, you’re free to chat via text, or have a call.  If you’re more daring, you can enable video during the call and really get to know one another!

There are two ways to remove yourself from Tingle… temporarily, using the Suspend feature, or permanently using the Delete feature.

Suspend works by pulling your account from the people browser, conversations, and matching engines.  While your account is suspended, you cannot login to Tingle without re-enabling your account.  However, when you do choose to come back to Tingle and re-enable your account, all of your old matches and conversations, and your old profile and photos, will still be there and will once again appear in the people browser.

Delete works by removing your account completely and indelibly from Tingle, closing any conversation threads, and removing you from the people browser.  This data is marked for deletion, and removed completely from our database after a period of 6 months (we retain this data in case it is required by law enforcement).  

The Suspend feature is useful for when you need to take a break from Tingle, are on vacation, or are starting a new relationship.  It allows you to withdraw from Tingle without permanently leaving.  Delete is your best option when you’re confident you won’t need to return to Tingle.  After deleting, you cannot re-enable your account, but if you do choose to come back you can always create a new one.

Well, that kind of depends on what kind of phone you are on.

For both apple and android phones click the hamburger icon in the top left.

With your, iOS click the top left profile photo which will bring up your settings page – and then press the pink text that says “select photos”

With your Android device, just click directly on the profile image in the top left.

You will then see a grid of 6 possible photo spaces with plus signs – click on one of those and pick some alternate pictures. Then, simply drag one of those images up to the top to replace it.