Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.


We now have 3 different methods to sign in that you can use.

SMS Text, Google or facebook.

* Note:  We don’t post anything to your Facebook or Google Plus activity streams when you join Tingle.

Well, that kind of depends on what kind of phone you are on.

For both apple and android phones click the hamburger icon in the top left.

With your, iOS click the top left profile photo which will bring up your settings page – and then press the pink text that says “select photos”

With your Android device, just click directly on the profile image in the top left.

You will then see a grid of 6 possible photo spaces with plus signs   – click on one of those and pick some alternate pictures. Then, simply drag one of those images up to the top to replace it.

We require users to post at least one profile image where their faces are clearly recognizable. If your profile pictures:

  • only show your body
  • don’t show your face
  • are not images of you (ex. celebrities, animals, scenery, drawings)

You can have additional images of scenery, animals, etc., but we need at least one picture that clearly shows your face.


A super-like speeds up the matching process.

Just press the super-like icon to let another user know you super like them! If that user accepts you can then press the match button in your notifications and use all the exciting calling & messaging features of Tingle.

All users get free tokens to start – so try it out today!

Radar is a location-based, serendipity discovery feature. Meaning, as you go about your day, Tingle scours any users nearby who based on your interests, might be users you’d like to meet. Getting a Radar notification is our little nudge to encourage you to see who is nearby, send them a message and see if it’s a great match!

In the settings section, you can choose whether to have it on or off. You can also decide if you want notifications about new Radar matches. We encourage you to keep those notifications turned on, otherwise you might miss out on some great people.

Under the SETTINGS menu, there’s a function with an ON/OFF toggle called “CALLING”.

This enables or disables calling… in other words, if you disable this function under SETTINGS, you will not receive incoming call notifications from other Tingle users, and you won’t be able to talk to them using your voice box.

It is sometimes desirable to turn calling off during long intense work days and/or other events where you definitely don’t want to be meeting and getting to know other Tingle users.

That’s almost never, of course, but we made that available to you just in case.

Tingle stores your most recent location (as reported by your mobile device) and uses it to try and find people in your area to match you with.

We call this feature “Radar”, and it passively operates on our servers, hoping to find pairs of people who match each other and are nearby.  This is pretty cool, and doesn’t require us to share specifically where any of our users are with other users in order to match them based on location.

We’re particularly careful not to allow people to be able to specifically know where another user is without their permission.

We also don’t store your location history beyond your last reported location.  Tingle doesn’t have any way to use this information, so we don’t need it, and if we did store this information that could be considered a breach of your privacy.

Tingle is currently available for Android and iOS (iPhone).  We don’t generally announce release dates for future versions of our app on other platforms, but if you’re passionate about making Tingle available on your device, we’d like to hear from you.