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  Why we love her… This girl is living the life. From fashionable adventures, to planning parties galore, Toronto’s Gracie Carroll knows how to make the most of the city. She is always on the go, working with Teen Vogue … Read More

The Prom You Never Had Vancouver Feb 14.

The People’s Prom is the prom you never had in high school: it’s a radical, community-oriented, anti-capitalist, queer, cross-dressing, gender bending, bike loving, slow dancing, big dress wearing, good time. It’s annual, it’s in East Van, and it’s a fundraiser for creative resistance and direct action in BC… … Read More

Anti-Valentine Guide From Tingle

We know Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark event, and that many companies out there from florists to restaurants are trying to get in on the economic boost of the occasion. We know that you’ve lost faith in many calendar ‘days’ once they have been commercialized, capitalized and canonized. So we’re here to take an Anti-Valentine’s approach to Valentine’s Day. … Read More

Tale From A Barstool: A Limitless Evening in Toronto

Excerpt from this sassy Tale From A Toronto Barstool: “It wasn’t long before I was dancing amongst the tables and talking to all of our neighbours. What exactly is it that Brazilians put in cachaca? I swear I only had three. One of Taylor’s friends, Mark, was enjoying the music as much as I was but his moves resembled Justin Timberlake, while mine were more parallel to a monkey in heat. We had barely spoken two words to each other…” read more … Read More

12 Great Vancouver Valentine’s Dinners

The @tingle team love to dine out… with romantic Valentine’s Day dinners in mind, we share our favourites… … Read More

10 Dating Tips For Women

Susan Semeniw is the Chief Matchmaker and Founder of Divine Intervention. Susan prides herself on pulling out all the stops to help clients find the right relationship.Susan has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate sales and marketing and is … Read More

Tingle’s Top 5 Places to Meet Singles!

In no way do I consider myself to be an expert on dating, but over the years I have found that there are a handful of tried and tested places where I repeatedly meet eligible bachelors. For the most part … Read More

Game-Changing Mobile Dating Service TINGLE Launches in the US

Tingle is the only app offering voice chat, all-new location-based discovery features, and tools that put women in the driver’s seat for online dating. It launched on Jan 5. 2012 in the U.S. … Read More

5 Dating Resolutions For The New Year

Resolutions can be as fleeting as flings, but we suggest 5 solid resolutions to make your dating life stronger and more full of awesomeness. Try ’em out. … Read More

Whistler Meetup for skiiers & boarders

Whistler is having an incredible season already thanks to another La Nina weather pattern. We want to make the most of it! Want to come ride, ski and meet some new people? Saturday Jan. 7 Return Vancouver to Whistler trip. … Read More