Learn how to make your profile pop! Tips on guaranteeing a swipe up, every time.

In the game of swipe, there are many ways to stand out from others and increase your chances at catching the eyes of potential matches. With Tingle, if your profile pictures don't actually show your face, we have to remove them because it violates our policy of ensuring that users are transparently representing themselves, their real selves. So beyond putting yourself at a disadvantage for meeting people, you're also making more work for yourself as you'll have to keep modifying your profile. As your pictures are pulled from Facebook, we don't think it should be hard to put your best face forward and showcase your most genuine you. In no particular order, here are some ways to make your profile stand out!
  1. Showcase that face - make sure your pictures are centred and the image focus is clearly on you, showing your eyes, your smile, everything about you that makes you, you. It might seem tempting to show off those abs you've worked so hard for, but trust us, potential matches want to see your face first.
  2. Be yourself- in living our lives online so much, it's easy to get overwhelmed by so many images, photoshopped ideals and carefully coiffed celebrities constantly in our face. With dating, online or otherwise, it's important that we feel like the people we are seeking out are really people. Don't mask who you are and what you look like with images of celebrities or overly filtered, curated, perfect pictures. Sure, put your best face forward, but make sure it is your face and the face that your matches will be lucky enough to see when they use Tingle's real-time video chat, and when they meet you in person.
  3. Who are you? - Bios are hard, we get that. Suddenly even online dating feels like resume writing. It shouldn't - your possible matches want to know what makes you tick, smile, sweat, laugh, makes you who you are. Take advantage of the space to share who you are and what you are really looking for. Do you hate long walks on the beach? Do you love 80s synth pop? Do you not quite get the fuss about Game of Thrones? That's fine! Sum yourself, your real self up in a few sentences. You'll save yourself time and headaches if you're honest.
  4. Lighten up - Avoid really dark pictures. Psychologically, we gravitate to lighter, warmer images, especially with something as personal as selecting possible love interests.
  5. Keep it fresh - So your favorite picture of yourself is from 2002. We get it, cherish that memory. But, your matches want to see who you are right now, not who you used to be. Save those throwback photos for #TBT on Instagram and be proud of who you are today!
  6. Smart = sexy - No, you aren't being graded on grammar or spelling, but poor spelling and grammar can be turnoffs for some, in fact, according to the Daily Mail UK, bad spelling is the #1 turn off for women in online dating. Take the time to spell out what you're trying to say and show off that big, sexy brain of yours! First impressions count, so be sure that when your future crush tries to learn about you from your profile, he/she doesn't think you typed in the dark.
  7. Who are you looking for? - Knowing who you want to meet can be half the battle in dating. Ask yourself how you enjoy spending time, what makes you smile. Then ask yourself what things or details you absolutely dislike and what makes you cringe. If you can clearly define what you're looking for in a match, you're more likely to meet people you have a real chance with. It sounds simple, and it is!
  8. Show off those pearly whites - You can tell a lot about someone by their smile. Namely you are fun, have a personality and enjoy life. Fight the urge to put on your best Blue Steel - a smile will get you more matches, plus, it feels good.
Check out our helpful infographic for quick tips to keep in your pocket. Happy swiping!

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