9 Reasons To Celebrate Singledom This Wedding Season

Whether you love or lament wedding season, it’s a fact of social life and it can be fun, rewarding, and rife with opportunities to meet new people, look your best, and eat lots of cake.

Here are a few reasons (nine, to be precise) to get you pumped up for pastel, cheering for the Chicken Dance.

1. Everyone looks their best at weddings, including you.

2. Weddings bring together amazing people you’d probably like, but may never have met, were it not for your soon to be married friends.

3. Weddings can be an excuse for treating yourself to a great vacation when and where you might not have gone.

4. You might be seated next to a future fling, friend, or great romance – you never know.

5. Face it, seeing proof of love and connection reminds you why you’re willing to put yourself out there and be hopeful, and that is a great thing.

6. Pictures! Consider each wedding a photo shoot for your best you, great for morale boosting, memories and of course, profiles.

7. Reuniting with old friends – remember those college friends you swore you’d stay in touch with, even with years passing, airfare skyrocketing and technologies you could use to keep connected? If you’re like most of us, you didn’t.

8. Being a part of something two people will cherish always – what better reminder that lasting love is out there, than being a part of celebrating it?

9. Lest we forget, loot bags. The best weddings always have loot bags.

*Bonus: you can always use the Teleport feature for destination weddings to see who you might chat with and maybe meet up with during breaks from wedding festivities

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