Monthly Archives: December 2011

5 Dating Resolutions For The New Year

Resolutions can be as fleeting as flings, but we suggest 5 solid resolutions to make your dating life stronger and more full of awesomeness. Try ’em out. … Read More

Whistler Meetup for skiiers & boarders

Whistler is having an incredible season already thanks to another La Nina weather pattern. We want to make the most of it! Want to come ride, ski and meet some new people? Saturday Jan. 7 Return Vancouver to Whistler trip. … Read More

Dating Dilemma: Seeing Multiple People

Have you ever found yourself in a scenario where three men you’re “dating” turn up at the exact same time and location? It’s as though you’re sending out a subconscious bat signal that they alone can see. If only Batman would respond to save me from such a conundrum. I was spending my Thursday night at.. … Read More

Bloggers We Love!

When it comes to socializing in the city, this fun-loving Toronto chick knows what’s happening and where the hot spots are. And she took the time to answer some of our questions. From dating do’s and don’ts to her favourite locations, we get a look into the life of the blogger extraordinaire. … Read More

10 Dating Tips For Guys

Susan Semeniw is the Chief Matchmaker and Founder of Divine Intervention. Susan prides herself on pulling out all the stops to help clients find the right relationship.Susan has more than 15 years’ experience in corporate sales and marketing and is … Read More

Guest Post From A Regular Everyday Single Guy

‘The Life and Times of A Single Social Butterfly’ is the first guest post by ‘Regular Everyday Single Guy’, a single guy who is sharing his thoughts on being a man, living in a city and being single. … Read More

This Vacation Fling Will Expire On?

You never know how one chance meeting could affect your life. The repercussions after spending ten minutes with someone side by side at a bar could result in a lifelong friendship, a marriage, a surprise baby bump, or a torrid … Read More

Social Community Coordinator, Calgary

We’re looking for a talented, sassy & super connected person to do great things with us for the dating scene in Calgary. This person will love their city and know their way around social media. … Read More