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A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Dating

  1) Your phone should not be a honing device   The benefits of using your smartphone are plentiful, but it should be used to give you access to proximity services, without homing in on you and putting you in … Read More

The Odds Ratio

LET TINGLE HELP YOU FIND YOUR PLUS ONE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON   While scouring the internet and twittersphere, a recent article by freelance dating and relationship writer, Jessica Downey, caught my eye. The article, entitled There Is No Formula For Dating, really … Read More

The Morning Show, Toronto

Catch Ian Bell, CEO Tingle, talking about the next generation of dating on The Morning Show, Toronto. The interview was filmed and aired live on Tuesday 22 November.

BC Business Online

Reproduced from: Why Smart Phones Really Are the Future Brent Holliday | November 7, 2011 “The future is coming at us very quickly,” says Brent Holliday. And that future holds more reliance on smart phones with more functionality. As smart … Read More

10 ways to tell if someone is interested you

It’s hard getting conversations started, especially when you have a few of them on the go. It’s also hard to judge someone’s potential from a single meeting. We thought we’d send a shout out to help you read between the … Read More


Who had the best Halloween Costume? Vote now and you could win iTunes gift cards and give the winner props.

Dear Kim Kardashian

Tingle Founder & CEO Ian Bell writes an open letter to Kim Kardashian with an offer no wise single business woman would refuse! Will she respond? … Read More


TINGLE, CANADA’S FASTEST-GROWING MOBILE DATING APP, LAUNCHES NATIONWIDE AFTER SUCCESSFUL BETA IN VANCOUVER AND TORONTO iPhone dating app features location-based discovery, free flirting and text chat, advanced privacy features, and game mechanics designed to ensure quality communication. VANCOUVER – Nov. … Read More