A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: How To Choose Your Tingle Profile Picture


There are many options when setting up your profile and choosing a picture. After all, it’s true what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This old adage refers to the idea that a single still image can convey multiple complex ideas and emotions.

As scary as it sounds, this is also true about your profile picture. It’s a clue into your personality, traits and even eccentricities. So how do you pick the right one? The most important rule of thumb is to pick a photo that is an accurate portrayal and reflection of the real YOU.

Here are some tips:

PART ONE: The Do’s

• Use A Recent Photo

This is an obvious one. Stick to a picture that was taken within a year or two. If you choose a picture from high school, this is not only a form of false advertising, but you are also setting yourself up for failure by not accurately representing yourself.

• Look Approachable

Choose a photo that makes you look approachable. Definitely make eye contact with the camera and although you don’t have to smile to look friendly and approachable, a smiling face is often more inviting.

In fact, Oktrends identified in a study that a smiling face received more messages than a non-smiling pictures in both males and females, but be weary that you are looking at the camera. If it looks like you are flirting with someone else by looking away, evidence shows that the amount of messages you receive might be drastically reduced.

An odd anomaly found in male profiles was that the highest response rate was for non-smiling pictures with no eye contact. One explanation could be that women were less intimidated by the profiles that didn’t stare straight back at them. Regardless, it is all up to personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.

Picture from Oktrends


• Be Confident In Yourself

By this I simply mean, embrace your flaws and be confident that you are person worth getting to know. If you don’t love yourself and are not comfortable with who you are, how is anyone else going to see all you have to offer?

One of my favourite relationship bloggers, Amy Spencer of The Dating Optimist, pointed out in her column: “If you don’t believe that you are someone worth dating, neither will anyone else.” If you want a pep talk read her post, You Are A Catch, You Know.




• Take Pride In Your Appearance

People are automatically drawn to confidence so take pride in your appearance. You don’t have to dress up to have your photo taken, but do make sure that you look presentable in your profile picture.

Pick a photo where you appear relatively well groomed. If you are the rugged kind of guy or sporty kind of gal, that’s great… just make sure you don’t look sloppy, frumpy or have overgrown unkempt facial hair that makes you look like a Yeti.


• SHOW Us What You Like Doing

We don’t want a picture of your car or your favourite musician, but if you have a dog then take a photo of you with the dog. If you love hiking in the mountains or riding your board, include a picture of yourself doing that.

Pictures can show your diversity, which helps you demonstrate all the great things you get up to more than a photo in a mirror ever could.


For a list of The Don’ts, see part 2 of this post!

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